Shooting artworks through glass frames

Yesterday Guzel Photography – GPS was at Contini Art UK for a test shot for Robert Indiana’s Body/Soul. The artwork was framed and especially the dark colored areas of it were highly reflective.

To minimize the reflection;

  • First, we used a 100 mm f.2.8. lens with a linear polarizer filter.
  • Secondly, we positioned our studio lights to the both sides in a way they would not reflect directly from the glass.
  • Finally, we dimmed the gallery lights on the opposite side of the artwork to cut the reflecting ambient light.

Before shooting, the frame was cleaned since the grease and dust particles on the glass cast a shadow on the artwork. Alternatively, we could use a white or black board with a lens hole cut through it and shoot behind it; if so the reflection would still be there but it would be invisible.

If you are trying this method, make sure the board (fabric or paper would do as well) fully covers the reproduced area.

After the preparations, we used a color card for accurate color reproduction. Here is the result. Stay tuned for more photography tips on artwork reproduction.

Robert Indiana’s Body/Soul