For us the 2017-2018 financial year has been an invaluable period of re-investment and innovative development. From a range of new specialized equipment to developing unique business models around the themes of superb quality and accessibility, we have put our time and effort to make our services diverse and more importantly readily accessible for every player in London’s art & design community. My name is Deniz Guzel, founder of Guzel Photography Services and I am pleased to share with you 3 highlights from the previous financial year.


1.    New equipment: More powerful and versatile lighting systems:
For photographing artworks top tier and –diverse lighting options are a necessity! With the brand new edition of Bowens heads to our lighting set we now have 9 flash heads, all of which can be modified with different apparatus to fit a variety of needs. But more importantly, all our lighting systems are portable, allowing us to travel to a gallery, artists studio or storage with a fully equipped, portable photography studio. Another massive investment is a new specialized camera that enables us to create Virtual Exhibition Tours, which brings us to the next item on the list.

vr devices display.jpg

2.    New Service: VR (Virtual reality) Exhibition Tours:
Virtual Reality technologies and emerging possibilities has been an interest in the art world via VR’s many applications.  We jumped on board and invested in a VR camera system and are now able to create VR exhibition tours. Our VR tours not only have unique archival applications but also dramatically increase the number of people engaging with the works in the context of an exhibition. Our VR tours feature invaluable tags that can display caption information, detail image, price, hyperlinks and more.

3.    New Business Model: Subscription & Membership options to Guzel Photography’s Services:
In January 2018 we introduced a unique and innovative business model. We now take over all photographic needs of a gallery in a subscription model. This allows galleries to spread the cost of any photographic service they receive with regular monthly payments. We created several packages based on the numbers of exhibitions a gallery presents per/annum catering to all needs photographic. We have been very flexible in creating customized ‘photography plans’ and make all our services conveniently available to what we call ‘gPS Members’. This model was introduced in February 2018 and we now have 5 gPS Members.

4.    Bonus: Our (continuing) Patronage in Contemporary Art Society:
I personally joined Contemporary Art Society last year with their ‘young patron’ scheme.  CAS’s mission is to raise funds to place artworks by contemporary artists in public collections all over the UK.  One of my favorite things about being a member of CAS is the studio visits that have always been very inspiring. I plan to stay a supporting member for the years to come.