Galerie kreo, Pierre Charpin, Finding the Right Colour Temperature.

Last week GPS was at Galerie Kreo for the installation shots of “Marbles & Clowns” that showed wonderful ceramic pieces by Pierre Charpin.

For the shot from outside, we went there the day before the actual photo shoot at 6pm. The twilight neutralized the reflections on the display window; additionally, we used a circular polarizer filter for the reflections on the round shaped ceramic pieces. Due to the twilight’s cold color temperature, the interior looked warmer. This is caused by the color difference between different light sources and conditions.

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The high-kelvin twilight was rendering outside bluer when we set our white balance to daylight. Also, the gallery lights were fluorescent, which naturally gives a greenish color if white balance is set to daylight. In such cases, we recommend to use a kelvin-meter or alternatively use a white surface to set your camera white balance manually. What we did was to even the color balance in post-production using a mixture of Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. Another challenge for that image was the high traffic on the street. We were shooting the middle of the street for the best framing but the cars’ light and some curious drivers were making us wait for the right moment.

The exhibition was installed to be viewed from one vantage point, which was outside the gallery. That setting was challenging in terms of finding alternative angles to show all the artworks in one picture. The best option was to shoot it from outside like the twilight image. However, the lighting conditions were creating a mirroring effect on the display almost reflecting everything. To be able to see through the reflections we used a circular polariser filter and stayed as close to the display as possible.

Here are some of the images. Stay tuned for more!