Artwork Photography (Producing Archival Master Files):

Produces high quality Archival Master files of up to 230MB using state of the art camera and lighting equipment. A correctly lit, well-balanced Archival Master File is produced directly from the Capture File that represents the original artwork as accurately as possible and is used for long-term access purposes. A colour checker card is used with every shot to assure accurate colour space.

Original works can be photographed on display at the gallery or museum, in storage facilities and in private properties such as artists’ studios and client’s or dealer’s houses.

Most 2 dimensional works of art are photographed installed however smaller size works can be photographed in a copy stand set-up. Glass framed works are photographed using special lighting and polarizing filters to eliminate any reflection.

3 dimensional works can be photographed installed with natural light or in studio environment created by portable Colorama background and professional studio lighting - depending on the nature of the work. 3 dimensional works that have reflective surfaces are photographed in a portable studio environment and specially edited to achieve desired level of reflection or to eliminate it. Smaller reflective works such as wearable art pieces are photographed in a photographic tent.

Time based works are documented from start to finish with special attention given to any specific moments the artist or client wishes to capture. The photographer pays attention to various aspects of the performance such as artist(s), lighting, music, audience experience, interaction and so on in a non-invasive manner.