Exhibition Documentation, Installation Views:

Documents an exhibition be it in museum scale or a modest apartment show employing skillsets from architectural and interior photography. However in our experience we found that documenting an exhibition is far more than photographing the space and the installation.

This is why we aim to document the experience of the exhibition with a series of images typically few wide-angle master images then groups of works and single works. We focus on the dialog of works presented together and their presence in that particular space.

Wide-angle images taken with a 17-35mm wide-angle lens on a full-frame camera are then processed on special software for lens profile corrections to eliminate distortion. We use a colour checker for correct white balance. We often use HDR technique for exhibitions that are dimmed lit with spots to achieve desired level of illumination while staying true to the colour of the works. Even though we often prefer to document a show with the lighting at the exhibition we may use portable or studio lighting when necessary.

As we shoot we reflect on defining the displayed objects, exhibition concept, exhibition design, lighting, typology and other elements of the show and document the exhibition in a way that would not only photograph it but also represent it to future audiences.