David Begbie Catalog Shoot & Backstage Video

I photographed sculptures going back thirty years in the artist's career. This was for the upcoming exhibition at Contini Art UK that showcased sculptures as well as works on paper. 

Most of his works could be considered 'large' in size that requered a large white backdrop. This was especially useful in terms of incorporating shadows of sculpture in the images as the gallery requested. The glass roof posed a challenge because it was one of those rare sunny days in London. We ended up blocking most of the glazes using a black fabric to eliminate unwanted beams of sunlight. 

It was a brilliant experience to be in David Begbie's studio and photograph his work and I am greatly pleased with the result. 

A short clip showing the backstage of David Begbie exhibition catalog photoshoot for his solo show at Contini Art UK.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT2F6lkB1h...