Backstage, Amar Gallery, Piers Jackson, 'Night Vision' exhibition.

Backstage, Amar Gallery, Piers Jackson, 'Night Vision' exhibition.

Let the image work for you!

Guzel Photography is an expert service for London's art and design community specialising in museum quality artwork photography, art events & creative portraits for online and high quality print use. We provide a tailored service flexible to your needs guaranteeing  colour accuracy, fast turnover and competitive prices. 

With  a decade’s experience Deniz Guzel combines his expertise in both studio and on location shoots to bring the studio to you wherever and whenever for your convenience.  

Services offered include:

  • artwork photography; on display, in storage or at clients house
  • event photography with optional instagram takeover
  • individual and team  portraits
  • artist portraits
  • archival documentation of an artist's process or artwork development
  • performance art recording
  • fair booth general view (with optional pictures of individual artworks)

All images come in catalogue quality with next day delivery and full image license. 

Deniz Guzel is a photographer and art historian. Before moving to London and founding Guzel Photography Services he worked for Golge Studio, PPR  and was a freelance photographer working for Vogue TR , Conde Naste Traveler and  local municipalities. He was also curator of Photography for K2 Contemporary Art Centre curating shows such as 'I am Georgia' , 'We all Like the Beginnings of Things #2'' and 'In Hate We Trust'. Deniz holds a BA  in Photography from prestigious D.E.University  and an MA (with distinction) in History and Theory of Photography from Sotheby's Institute of Art, London.